Women & Children Rights Clinic


Women&Children Rights Clinic is one of special clinical classes, in which students analyze various cases and legal disputes related to Women&Children Rights and participate in legal counseling such as drafting a written opinion of legal review and client consultation to identify Women&Child Rights-related issues and to develop practice capabilities as lawyers. Students participating in the Clinic will have an opportunity to review and write litigations and replies for the real cases related to Women & Children Rights

Academic Advisor

Prof. Ra Mi Seo

-Clinical professor of Law/ Associate Director
- Lawyer at GongGam Human Rights Law Foundation(Jan.2004-Jul.2018)
- A member of Presidential Committee on Aging Society and Population Policy
- A member of Committee on Child Welfare of Seoul City
- A member of Committee on Gender Equality of Ministry of Education



Principal Components

  • Understand the current legal system and issues related to Women & Children rights.

  • Learn how to develop the legal strategies to handle real cases and clients

  • Learn how to write legal documents to protect or improve Women&Children rights in the process of lawsuits.

  • Strengthen and deepen a sensitivity to human rights of Women and Children.  

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