The Supreme Court Clinic


The Supreme Court Clinic mainly takes the cases appealed to the Supreme Court and also deals with the constitutional appeals and filing for the Constitutional Court's unconstitutional judgment. The clinic primarily aims to provide free legal aids to the vulnerable and public-interest groups by taking their cases or take part in defending cases with social impacts. The defense for the Supreme Court or Constitutional Court cases are mainly in writing, and students can participate in the entire process of the cases during the semester as it is relatively short-term based on the composition of ‘Record review—Client interview—Research—Discussion—appellate brief, appeals for the unconstitutional judgement, petition to the Constitutional Court, etc.’

Academic Advisor

Prof. Ju Young Kim

Professor Kim is a dedicated visiting professor of Clinical Law and takes in charge of the course. Until recent, he has worked as a litigation lawyer and took various Supreme Court cases for 27 years. He has wide experience in trials at the Supreme Court and achieved the desirable results in cases(reversed and remanded) such as ELS closing price manipulation case against Daewoo Securities and Deutsche Bank, an approval of class action case based on the Security-related Class Action Act, and the 11.11. Option Shock case. The clinic also includes professor Won-yeol Jeon (major: Code of Civil Procedure), who served as a Supreme Court justice researcher, and professor Sang-hyun Jeon (major: Constitutional Law), who served as a constitutional researcher at the Constitutional Court, as an advisor.


(08826) 1, Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Seoul National University Law School

Principal Components

  • Observe the legal action strategies and logical development of lawyers in the process of the actual case, from the lower court to the Supreme Court.
  • Obtain a critical and creative understanding of the legal principles dealt within the Supreme Court
  • Understand the case proceedings in the Supreme Court
  • Learn how to write an appellate brief, appellate reply brief, supplementary appellate brief, and supplementary appellate reply brief.
  • Understand the procedures of Constitutional appeal and filing for the Constitutional Court's unconstitutional judgment.
  • Learn how to apply for the Constitutional Court's review of unconstitutional laws and how to prepare the petition for Constitutional Court.
  • Understand the social agenda in which legal and constitutional disputes arise and discover the mission of the legal profession
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