Criminal Defense Clinic


Criminal Defense Clinic is one of the clinical law classes, in which participants understand legal responsibilities of lawyers to carry out for the realization of social justice and protection of human rights. They learn fundamental roles of attorney in formulating the principle of equality of arms between the prosecutor and the accused in trial proceedings. In addition, they understand the practical application of the criminal law theory in trial procedures by real case files and establish the role of a public defender in various criminal trials. Through the review of various types and contents of criminal cases and detailed case records, students will have the opportunity to double their ability to prepare various criminal legal documents by learning the practical knowledge of criminal procedure, including the ability to grasp the actual context of the case.

Academic Advisor

Seok Jun Lee

Adjunct professor/ Lawyer at the law firm IDEA
Director of Pro Bono for the public law office (2004.9- 2018.2)
A member of the Seoul Bar Association's Special Committee on Public Counseling (2009.7~)



Principal Components

  • Reading various criminal records and developing arguments
  • The realities of the People’s Participation Tribunal and the Tips for defense
  • The interview technique of a criminal defendant (a client, etc.)
  • A study on various advocacy activities, including criminal deposit
  • Legal advice Case Study
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