Criminal Practice Clinic


When there is a state prosecutor on one side of the scale held by the goddess of justice, the scale will not be level unless there is a criminal defense lawyer on the other side of the scale.

Crime mostly occurs in relation to men’s twisted desires and feelings. Therefore criminal defense lawyers must understand the nature of crimes, people who commit the crimes, and the victims. Based on related articles such as Criminal Procedure Law, you will learn the sense of that human nature related to crimes as well as techniques as a criminal defense lawyer to make effective defense case for your clients with evidence, empirical rules, and rational reasoning. The course will also learn how to approach to the substantive truth.

The lecture will be given based on the vivid criminal record, opinion, and judgment that the professor actually defended. Students participating in the clinic will have access to various kinds of actual criminal case records, and have an opportunity to learn practical methods of defense ranging from public defender selection process to creating the statement, including reviewing evidence records and interviewing defendants. They also have an opportunity to experience the actual criminal trial by attending meetings with the defendant and court hearings.

Academic Advisor

Hae Young Kim

Adjunct Professor at Seoul National University Law School
Public defender of Suwon District Court (2010.3.1-2016.2.28)
Public defender of the Seoul Central District Court (2016.3.1 ~ present)
A Coordinating Member of the Housing Rental Dispute Settlement Committee of the Suwon branch of the Korea Legal Aid Corporation (2017.7.1~ present)
A Coordinating Member of the Settlement of Rental Arrangement of Commercial Buildings Committee in Suwon, Korea Legal Aid Corporation (2019.4.17 ~ present)


Seoul Central District Court's public defender office, 254 OFR Building 13th floor, Seocho-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Principal Components

  • Understanding of the accused and the role of a lawyer in a criminal trial
  • Basic lectures for understanding the role of a criminal lawyer (Overview of the Criminal Procedure Law, Lecture on the Criminal Proof Law)
  • Understanding the overall work of a lawyer in criminal trials based on the records, opinions and decisions of criminal cases that the professor actually defended (How-to lectures on reviewing records, preparing a statement, conducting a deposition)
  • Experiencing daily work of a criminal lawyer (Observing a defendant interview in an ongoing case taken by the lecturer, observing criminal courts, etc.)
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