Freedom of expression clinic


Clinical Law—Freedom of expression course examines ongoing debates in our society regarding freedom of expression and analyzes how related disputes are being proceeded in a legal aspect. The course reviews various media litigation records taken by lawyer Min Young Jung, and the participants learn detailed patterns in proceedings of legal disputes related to defamation by writing documents. In addition, it takes a look at other cases directly and indirectly related to freedom of expression, such as cases of past history, lawsuits for information disclosure, and Assembly Law.

Academic Advisor

Min Young Jung

Visiting Professor at Seoul National University Law School
Lawyer at the law firm Deoksu (2015.3~ present)
A member of KBS Viewers Committee (2017.8~ present)
A member of Executive Committee of Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
Public Interest Disclosure Lawyer in Seoul
Counselor of the National Human Rights Commission
MBC Legal Counselor
Special investigator for the investigations on allegations of influence-peddling of the Park Geun-hye government by civilians including Choi Sun-sil (2016.12~ 2017.2)


Deoksu, Heungkuk Life Building 7th floor, 442 Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Principal Components

  • Press litigation (correction report, claim for damages, etc.)
  • Criminal proceedings against contempt and defamation
  • Claims for Information Disclosure
  • Litigations of cases involving the Public Official Election Act.
  • Criminal retrial and state compensation for past history cases, such as emergency measures
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