International Human Rights Clinic


Students will learn applications of Human Rights and how a single human rights issue can be raised across borders based on various standards in different regions. Human Rights of the most vulnerable groups in the most vulnerable situations are taught. The Clinic deals with various topics regarding Human Rights such as applications of UNHR mechanisms, domestic application of Universal Human Rights Norms, Human Rights of migrants and refugees, corporations and Human Rights, Human Rights of North Korean defectors, Child Rights, and Rights of disaster victims.

Academic Advisor

Pil Gyu Hwang

Adjunct Professor, Lawyer at Gong Gam Human Rights Law Foundation, LL.D.
Senior Fellow at the Center for Children’s Law and Ethics at Samford University Law School
A member of the Advisory Council of FortifyRIghts
A member of the Advisory Council of Statelessness Network Asia-Pacific
A non-executive member of the Special Committee on Social Disasters
Chairman of the Korean Bar Association's Special Committee on International Human Rights


(03058) 29-6 Changdeokgung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Bukchon Changwoo Theater, Wonseo-dong)

Principal Components

  • Constitutional discrimination of migrants (UN report)
  • Detention of migrants and refugees (UN petition)
  • The right of consular access of migrants and refugees (Revision of the Criminal Procedure Act)
  • Mutual assistance for national compensation of migrants (Revision of the National Compensation Act)
  • Joint Newspaper of North Korean Refugees (UN Report)
  • Children's best interests in the process of overseas adoption (UN petition)
  • Protection of vulnerable groups in disaster situations (UN report)
  • Constitutional Right to assist lawyers in administrative detention (revision of the Administrative Procedures Act)
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