Victims of Sexual Violence and Child Abuse Clinic


The participants review controversies in cases to identify legal and institutional issues regarding supports for the victims of sexual violence and child abuse, engage in legal counseling, and prepare a legal review statement to obtain practice capability as legal professionals. Students who participate in the clinic have the opportunity to review and write letters about actual cases related to sexual violence and child abuse.

Academic Advisor

Jin Hee Shin

Adjunct professor
Lawyer at Korea Legal Aid Corporation Seoul Central District Office (2014.1~)
Supreme Court gender equality support officer (2018~)
A member of Legal Advisory Group of the National Police Agency (2019.4~)
A member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Civil Inspection Committee (2019.4~)
The chair of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's Committee on Child Abuse (2019.2~)
Director of Education at the Korean Women's Bar Association (2018.1~)



Principal Components

  • A Study on the public attorney system for victims of sexual violence and child abuse
  • Sexual assault and child abuse cases and lawsuits
  • Sexual Violence and Child Abuse: Current Status of Legal System and litigations
  • Review of trial procedures and investigation on sexual abuse and child abuse cases and lawsuits
  • Cases and Support procedures for victims of sexual abuse and child abuse
  • Legal Advice Case Study
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