Social Economy Clinic


Social economy is an economic activity that seeks social purpose over economic benefits, and it aims at solving social problems and creating social values in a corporate manner. Social Economy Clinic, as a part of clinical law courses, allow students to obtain practical skills as lawyers-to-be by providing activities in which they identify legal and institutional issues about Social economy and review/resolve actual legal disputes within social enterprises, social ventures, and co-operatives. Students participating in the Clinic have an opportunity to take part in reviewing legal issues in social economic corporations, rectifying and reviewing a contract, supporting lawmaking and system improvement.

Academic Advisor

Kyung Ho Lee

Adjunct Professor at Seoul National University Law School
The head lawyer of Social Economic Law Center of law firm Deoham (2015.3~ present)
A member of the Social Economic Council of Seoul Metropolitan Government (2017.3~ present)
A member of Steering Committee of the Social and Economic Support Center in Seoul (2016.9~ present)
Auditor of Next Generation Foundation (2017.3~ present)
Auditor of Kakao Impact Foundation (2018.6~ present)
Lawyer at the law firm Jipyoung (2009.9~ 2015.2)


Seoul YMCA Hall No. 603, Myeong-dong 11-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Principal Components

  • Review on the current state of Social-Economic legal system and necessity of institutional improvement
  • Review of legal issues for social enterprises, social ventures and cooperatives: business legality, operation of general meetings and boards of directors, intellectual property rights, trade secrets protection, and legal issues in private trust and investment
  • Review of investment-related contracts of Social Ventures and service contracts with Public organizations - Settlement of Legal Issues and Contract Case Study
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