SNU Law Public Interest & Legal Clinic Center (“SNUPLC”) was launched in May of 2019, formally replacing its predecessor, the ‘Legal Clinic Center’. The SNUPLC carries forward SNU’s commitment to the community by providing high quality legal services and training its graduates to care deeply about the public interest. The Center brings under one roof SNU’s legal clinics, it’s pro bono activities, its public interest career counseling programme, and its legal aid projects supporting local communities.

We foster legal professionals who meet the expectations of the nation

In 2007, the Republic of Korea embarked on a bold reform initiative to rethink the way law is taught in this country. The Law mandating those reforms states that Korean law schools are ‘to train legal professionals who have sound professional ethics based on rich education, a deep understanding of people and society, and morals valuing freedom, equality and justice, and who have knowledge and abilities that will allow professional and efficient resolution of diverse legal disputes in order to provide quality legal service responding to the people's diverse expectations and requests.’ -   Article 2 of the Law on the Establishment and Operation of Law School More than a decade since that visionary language was passed into law, many argue that law schools are still falling short of those goals. SNUPLC is an important step in the ongoing process to reform—and improve—the way law students are trained at SNU.

Mixing Practice and Social Responsibility:

SNUPLC trains students to think and act like lawyers. Through our work on real cases, we instill in students not just a sense of professionalism, but also a commitment to the ethical practice of law. Students can earn course credit in one of our law clinics, or volunteer for one of our many pro-bono legal service opportunities. Our Center is proud to provide its services, free of cost, to the community, for example by providing legal aid, or by engaging with policymakers to promote wise policy reform initiatives.

Please keep an eye out for our activities, and continue to encourage us with your full support.
Thank you.

Ju Young Kim
Director of SNU Law Public Interest & Legal Clinic Center